We want to thank all supporters of our project who helped showcase what this great city has to offer while driving exposure for Miami’s art and film talent:

WYNWOOD WAREHOUSE PROJECT www.wynwoodwarehouseproject.com

A true Wynwood institution, Wynwood Warehouse Project is offering to the community a Contemporary Art Gallery, workshops, community and private events, art collection consulting, professional artist representation, and affordable meals at the Wynwood Cafe.

DANILO GONZALES www.wynwoodwarehouseproject.com

Danilo, founder of the Wynwood Warehouse Project joined our project, provided his extensive spaces for shooting the gallery scenes of the movie, and most importantly lent his own artwork for the character of Benedict Peterson.

R HOUSE www.rhousewynwood.com

For their support in providing a beautiful shooting location in one of Wynwood’s trendiest restaurants. Burt Reynolds became an instant fan of their food.

ALFREDO BORJAS www.alfredoborjas.blogspot.com

Alfredo is one of the real Miami based talents behind the movie. He custom painted the commissioned piece for the Alpersteins. Go check out his Blog!

BELLAMAR HOTEL www.tripadvisor.com

The budget hotel in Miami Beach with “a true David Lynch feel to it”. Thank you for providing the backdrop of Nina’s and Theo’s relationship struggles